A custom Drupal project in partnership with UGLI:

1 chance in one million of winning
1 million dollars for $1,40.

technologies used

building a Pixel Lottery, from the illustrator Archibald Butler


An original idea… Executed!

A lot of heart went into this project!

The pixel lottery is an idea I came up with almost 10 years ago now. I really like the idea of the million dollar homepage and drew inspiration from that to create a new kind of game. After carefully debating on the subject with a close friend of mine I came up with the concept of the pixel lottery.

I really like the idea of having an image that is 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels totalling exactly 1,000,000 squares within.

In JavaScript, it is very difficult to write something that has 1 million different clickable objects in it.

technologies used

The Pixel Lottery


the code

About this project


For this I did require some extra help from a developer and friend of mine called Tom Fallowfield. He is a highly skilled backend web developer.

Working on it:

We started the partnership to build up this site and get it to where it is today. I am very excited at the fact that it is fully live and working on the web.

The Pixel Lottery



Advanced Drupal development

This is an incredible piece of work in my eyes, building something bespoke like this is not an easy process. A lot of thought went into the design although people’s views on it are varied!

Although at present I have not made any sales. I have done no marketing whatsoever on this website I’m just satisfied that it is built and online and indexed on Google with the keyword search term “pixel lottery”.