Working at the New Look head office in London:

An exciting 5 months of great design.

technologies used

Working at the New Look head offices, from the illustrator Archibald Butler


Been doing some great design work at the New Look head office in London!

The longest page I have ever coded!

This was created at the New Look head office,
(located at: 45 Mortimer St, Westminster, London W1W 8HJ). The Activewear campaign is the longest page it has ever taken me to create. The rounds of amends must have been about 300 different points. I got the contract to work indefinitely at New Look from the recruiting company Venn Group.

I was really excited when I saw the original photoshop design and was told by my project manager Jenny law (who is now freelancing as a matter of fact, highly recommended), that this was a very exciting piece of work because the budget invest from New Look was huge and they needed this new mens’ page to be absolutely perfect. The page has a huge variety of features and animations that were all requested by the team or ideas that I had, recommended and were implemented into the project.

technologies used

New Look Head Office


the code

About this project


A lot of time and effort went into this work during office hours and brainstorming after hours. I get very inspired when working on a new piece and added bespoke animation into the composition that is very discreet.

Working on it:

If you hover over the first yellow title at the top of the page you will see a blur affect appear. I had to create this from scratch on Codepen because there was nothing out there like it.

I created the new Codepen that you can see here with a blur effect that retracts and expands during mouse hover states.

The main framework used for the placement of elements is Bootstrap CSS and Bootstrap JS. Then I added custom 3-D animations in CSS such as the blue spinning icons.

Downsides of the project:

On the downside, it was necessary to have many high-quality pictures of garments in the multiple sliders. This slowed down the page load but wasn’t my shot to call.

The next very painstaking part of the process was compatibility between two different CMS systems where the page would sit.

Many bugs across two huge bespoke CMS systems had to be ironed out and fixed. This step took the most time in the whole project as they were very difficult environments to work with.

New Look Head Offices



It’s fun to get free reign from the client

Best of the project:

The most satisfying part of the project was receiving the final imagery that we were going to be using. During the first two thirds of the project I had to use dummy images for placements as we didn’t have all the photography and video yet.

Speaking of video, that didn’t stop me from creating a very exciting video javaScript animation that is entirely bespoke(see on page).

HTML5 video:

I love the way you see a loop in the preview of the HTML5 videos, then, on click/tap, that div disappears and the actual video on the layer behind it starts to play!

I was also present when the site went live, some people in the design teamsemailed me to say they were very pleased with it. It’s gratifying when people appreciate your work. I would recommend New Look for web developers, it is an environment where you will thrive.

Unfortunately I had to leave the New Look head offices because I received a much better offer from a private design company in London called MBA.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this project as much as I enjoyed creating it. You can see a lot more of my work on the news page.