A cryptocurrency website build

I had the pleasure of working in the finance industry lately, building an exciting cryptocurrency website.

technologies used

Kinesis Money: Archibald Butler Web Development


the brief

Working as a freelancer At Kinesis

Kinesis is a revolutionary cryptocurrency created by ABX (top Australian gold bullion dealer). Their Initial Coin Offering approach to world economy was fascinating.

I was hired to rebuild the website from scratch in partnership with a designer over the course of a few months. It was a very fast paced environment and learning Jai Bifulco’s industry tips was a real insight.

technologies used

Model Squad: New Look Jobs


the code

Kinesis: About this project

The website is a fusion of multiple tech stacks, both back and front end. HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Php, MySql, AWS, WordPress, ACF plus the incorporation of the external Salesforce CRM. There was a lot of work to keep me busy:

Landing pages, automation setups, and later down the line, I was later very pleased to discover their website/ICO has raised over 60 million US dollars since launch mid 2018. I was offered a full time job there and I regret not taking it.

Model Squad: New Look Jobs



Conclusion about this cryptcurrency website

I learnt so much about the cryptocurrency/Bitcoin sphere while working on this contract. Furthermore, the base staff was from Australia and they are always very fun to work with!

If anyone is considering joining I would actively encourage it. To conclude, please not I have purchased one of their tokens at 1000USD and I am actively following their ICO!

If you are looking to get work at Kinesis as a freelancer, I would highly recommend the Aquent group. They are a recruiting agency that specialises in finding placements for freelancers. They are based in London near Tottenham Court rd.