Deliveroo Freelancing in London:

Two weeks of WordPress mayhem.

technologies used

Working at the Deliveroo head offices, from the illustrator Archibald Butler


Deliveroo Freelancing

Deliveroo ordered me Deliveroo at the Deliveroo HQ!

Working for Deliveroo was an absolutely amazing experience. The job was a really complex multi-site, multi language, custom theme built in .twig.

Their offices are the most amazing ones I have ever seen in my life. In the middle of the office is a full scale basketball court. The meeting rooms contain swinging chairs and incased digital touch screens.

I cannot thank Rory Russell enough for this amazing experience. And I haven’t even started talking about the work yet.

The WordPress for their website was outsourced to a professional WordPress development company.

technologies used

New Look Head Office


the code

About this project


The template wasn’t built in PHP but in Timber .twig files. Due to the tight timescale I only had a couple of days to learn how to write this new language.

Finding the right PHP files to edit within the custom theme was complicated. I had to use the search features from sublime text editor to retrieve functions and arrays hidden in particular files.

Working on it:

On top of that they use the advanced custom fields plug-in, yet there was absolutely no mention of the modules that were appearing in the WordPress dashboard in the plug-in section.

I came to realise that the options of advanced custom fields were written completely inside of arrays.

New Look Head Offices



Advanced WordPress development

I was given a Photoshop design by a member of the design staff there. So I proceeded to cut it up and integrate into custom HTML and CSS.

I also used a ring fence div to stop my CSS code conflicting with theirs. I noticed Bootstrap CSS was integrated onto the WordPress platform they were using so I used that to create the responsive elements contained within the design.

I wasn’t given a responsive version of the Photoshop design so I had to make it up on the fly using my knowledge of bootstrap CSS.

Best of the project:

At their request I did manage to integrate a WYSIWYG editor so that the delivery staff could add custom HTML to the pages.

I hope you enjoy looking at the work as much as I enjoyed making it. Archie Butler.