Working for Emma Ridley

How to bring out your feminine side…

technologies used

An illustration of Emma Ridley from the illustrator Archibald Butler


the Emma Ridley brief

Working as a freelancer for Emma Ridley

Emma Ridley work: A project I designed and developed using gifs, javascript, plus some custom Photoshop work.

This has been a lot of fun to create. It has taken 30 hours to cut out elements and code the paged template from start to finish.

technologies used

Emma Ridley: Web Illustration Jobs


the code

Emma Ridley: About this project

As you can see I started with a sketch with the client, then the Photoshop build, and finally the cut up and integration into html, css and javascript: So the first step was the sketch that is down below. Wire framing your idea is great to prepare a project. Then I proceeded to look online in Google images for snippets of pictures that I could cut up and use in my design. Be sure to check the copyright of images before use.

I then edited these images using human saturation and editing the levels in the dark and shadow in order to make the peace elements come together under the same tone. The editing photo shop stage is not the longest though. Once you have your design affected you will need to cut up each layer has individual images in order to link them in your HTML document. The first step took 10 hours the second step took 20 hours. Animated Gifs are great but you must get used to the Photoshop preparation techniques in order to create work like this piece. Emma Ridley giving me free reign was an absolute delight I must say.

Emma Ridley: Web Illustration Jobs



It’s fun to get free reign from the client

Her brief was wild: Glitter, Hearts, Unicorns, Velvet, Sparkles, Cabaret, Burlesque and a lot more.

I went wild on this one :). I managed to get this together. Below is the orginal sketch I did for Emma Ridley:

A Photo of the illustrator Archibald Butler