Working for ASOS: A freelancer’s dream

One of the best places I have ever worked at.

technologies used



ASOS Jobs: A fantastic bespoke theme customisation

This new site boosted and attracted half a million new visitors a month (OMG!!!) since it has been updated (statistic heard at the quarterly ASOS review!)

I have been working on an ASOS job for a couple of weeks on Tumblr (something I was not familiar with) and to my surprise, the code/tags for Tumblr are bespoke.

There was a bit of a learning curve there. Anyhow, these bad boys combine infinite scroll js and masonry js.

technologies used



the code

About this project

The homepage hover effects were superimposed in JS for optimum clickability and I had to build custom iframes for the like buttons.

Most of which was custom javascript. These themes are not available for download, so this is the only place you will see them:

Women’s wear:
Men’s wear:




8 weeks of work (amongst my three years there).

I very much enjoy working with the boys at ASOS. As a freelancer, I have worked almost three years there full time.

We study Github, Jquery, SASS, LESS, sitecore CMS, project management tools and a lot more.

I hope you enjoyed this project, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.