About Me.

I am a London raised freelance web animation specialist and web developer with 10 years of experience focusing on my main passion: Full width html5 animation. If you need a free quote or my day rate, best to get in touch.

You can also check out my stats below.

Illustration has always been an obsession of mine and I have decided to go back to using more pen and paper. I would ideally like to get commissioned to build animated websites similar to:

My favorite websites are Graffiti General and the Wes Anderson collection. I am inspired to research and develop more animation styles compatible with most web browsers. As you can see in the list above, I have created four of these so far. I am aiming to create ten so they are part of a set about my freelance web animation specialist skills. Animation and illustration are my main passion, coding is a tool I have learnt over 10 years to support my main interest.

About web animation Specialist, Archibald Butler.

I like to be in a team of front end web developers and build cool stuff.

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Web animation specialist: Archibald Butler
Web animation specialist: A Photo of the illustrator Archibald Butler


HTML5 – 90%
CSS3 – 90%
Adobe Photoshop – 90%
Adobe Illustrator – 70%
Javascript – 70%
PHP – 50%

Skills Continued

My SQL – 50%
CPanel – 50%
Greensock Animation – 70%
SASS / LESS – 60%
Jquery – 70%
SEO Optimization – 80%
Web animation specialist: A web design illustration by Archibald Butler
Web animation specialist: A psd design for a website by Archibald Butler

Skills Last

WordPress – 80%
UX Design – 90%
UI Design – 90%
HTML5 Responsive Web Animation – 90%
Illustration – 60%