RELLIK, A London Fashion Boutique asked Archie to do their website.

I got put in touch with them through friends.

Ultra minimalist, with some extra simplicity thrown in, no frills, no pointless graphics, just uber clean. This was the brief from Steven Philips. To start off, I threw some minimalist designs at them, but to no effect. They then sent me a wire frame, which really enabled me to discernate what the Rellik team was after:

Eventhough this was asked of me, I still had to thrown in something special: So I made the whole website mega responsive. Give it a try it is all there: IPad Landscape, Portrait, and Iphone P and L. I also spent numerous hours uploading all their press articles and I really like the layout of the press page.

Here is the final result, It has a bit of a style of its own that’s for sure. Well the design is one hundred percent bespoke.

RELLIK, A London Fashion Boutique interviewed Archie Butler!

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interviewed me!

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