An illustration of a surfers work dilemma

Surfer’s dilemma

3.5 hours tops from blank paper.

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Skateboard illustration of Archie comics

Ha! Click to see some work.

Been busy sketching on a rainy Saturday.

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A website development into bespoke WordPress by Archibald Butler

A Highly Renowned Agency in London

A full development into a CMS from their PSD designs as sole developer.

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A bespoke web dev job on Tumblr for ASOS by Archibald Butler

New Look Extended sizes

A cool help page for finding your size at New Look

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An illustration of a monk by Archibald Butler

3 hours In Photoshop

When I got my new Macbook, I delved deep into its processing speeds with Photoshop. I was very impressed.

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A business website design for Roaming Giraffe by illustrator Archibald Butler

A full Des/Dev website project

WordPress, SEO, and a lot more for a catering business, sole developer.

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A fishing lake website design illustration by Archibald Butler

My Animated Fish from 2012

This is when I started seriously messing around with JS animation before Greensock came out.

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Freddie to get fit a wordpress template designed and developed by Archibald Butler

A full des/dev website for a fitness instructor

I had fun with the motivational style designs on this one. I worked alone on this project.

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An illustration of a family on the beach with dogs in california

Timed Sketch

2 hours tops from blank paper to frame.

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