Model Squad: New Look jobs

A freelance web developer project created at the New Look London offices.

technologies used

A Photo of the illustrator Archibald Butler


the brief

Working as a freelancer At New Look

Model squad is a project that I created while I was working at New Look for over five months. I worked with them creating all the new promotions for the big Christmas sale but also the January sale. I really enjoyed my time there and got to work in a great team with two other very talented developers. We worked on a lot of exciting different projects.

Some of the languages we worked with included gulp, CSS, JavaScript animation, and Bitbucket repositories. The atmosphere in the office is absolutely buzzing. There is always a lot of work on and it is a great environment to flourish in. It is mostly a female environment as it’s Fashion Retail after all. I worked with a team of 12 designers of which all were women except one.

technologies used

Model Squad: New Look Jobs


the code

New Look Jobs: About this project

Model squad is a partnership between the three freelance developers that worked at New Look. Another exciting aspect of the project is that it was sponsored by Milk. They are a very famous company for model recruiting in London. We pulled our heads together to work out the best way of creating all the different animations and Modal effects that our project manager wanted included.

The technologies on this particular project were a mix of bootstrap JavaScript, bootstrap CSS but also Jquery for custom functions that were included. It’s important to have good communication skills, be able to relay and interpret information from the different team members. Also from your project manager who is usually an experienced designer. So don’t forget to force yourself to be as communicative as possible. Being pro active and productive in the work environment will make you shine and get recommended.

Model Squad: New Look Jobs



Conclusion about how you can get involved

Team work is also a great environment to thrive in as a developer. This is because if you are stuck with a certain coding or design problem, you can always go and walk over to another developer and ask his opinion which will help you solve complicated algebra issues. The project overall must’ve taken about 80 hours divided by three developers.

It was an absolute privilege to work with such a talented team and I hope I can go back there soon. I very much like the design and animation effects that were integrated into this project. It was also exciting to have a deadline at which the page had to go live. Which was at the same time as New Look press released the new models.

If you are looking to get work at New Look as a freelancer, I would highly recommend the Venn group. They are a recruiting agency that specialises in finding placements for freelancers. They are based in London near Trafalgar Square.