Interactive map Flash: This is how it is done.

Making an Interactive Flash Map project: CLICK HERE FOR DEMO.

technologies used

Interactive Map Flash: A Flash based illustrated and animated map by Archibald Butler


Download the 2005 Interactive Map Flash

Interactive Flash Map: Illustration, Development and coding skills

Interactive Flash map download!

An interactive map flash is in fact the search result for someone looking for ways to build An “Interactive Map in Adobe Flash”. Am I right?

Well, it just so happens that I have a tutorial for download plus an explanation below!

Here is a Adobe Flash based illustrated and animated map I created at University around 2005. Adobe Flash, eventhough it is now completely outdated, it can be used to create some fun projects with ease.

WARNING! Your Flash Map will not be visible on any Apple products. If you wish to learn about the Adobe suite and Javascript based equivalents I would recommend looking at their products and trying a demo. As a more comfortable developer myself, the modern day equivalent of this in 2018 (As I write) would be a mix of CSS3 animation and probably Javascript Greensock plugin for further control.

technologies used

interactive map flash


the code

About this project

About the Interactive Flash Map web project

Even with the compatibilty issues with IPhone or IPad still present, Flash is a great piece of software and you can even remove the presence of Flash elements completely with the use of css.

Therefore I decided to make this interactive panoramic map of a seaside reort I lived in a few years(Vendays-Montalivet, France). I drew the draft from theory and painted it in watercolors. Now later down the line in 2018, after 10 years of professional experience, I am SEO ranking this page for people searching for an Interactive map flash.

Digital effects used in the Map:

I then added the hover effect and links in Photoshop and added the new images to the Flash timeline. I then linked them to panoramic photos taken with a digital camera. They were put together using PT Gui, a photo stitching program. You will need Quicktime installed to view them.

It is a shame I couldn’t get the sky and the ground in there too.

Interactive Map Flash: making an illustrated website



Illustration and code

I put together my composition in Photoshop and proceeded to overlay all the different elements in layers and start to think about the animations I was going to include.

Then came the final task of coding. Creating the elements in HTML adding the background and the positioning of elements in CSS using the box model.

I hope you enjoyed reading about making an illustrated website as much as I did creating it.