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We have three courses:


The English course at Cool School aims to develop each child’s ability to read fluently and understand an assortment of texts and to develop the habit of reading widely and often, for both information and pleasure. At Cool School we teach each child to learn a wide vocabulary, an understanding of grammar and punctuation and also to adapt their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purpose and audiences. This subject progresses from basic word and sentence building to critiquing advanced texts and varied literacy books.

Each students starts at their own starting point which will be established through a free assessment text. Each assessment test has been designed to assess the level your child is at, the understanding they have in certain topics and what areas they need improvement in. Once a foundation has been built to overcome these areas of difficulties, we will then move your child to more challenging work.

The Cool School team have designed English books and worksheets suitable for each year group. The areas covered in these books relate to the English National Curriculum.

Through the study of these work-sheet based books, students develop a wide range of reading comprehension skills, enabling them to understand and interpret information in advanced literature and to develop abilities in reasoning, interpretation, deduction and persuasion.

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The maths course at Cool School offers a variety of topics and methods relating to each child’s year group and school curriculum. Each student will begin at a level comfortable for them. Each child’s starting point is established from their free assessment test.

The free assessment tests are important for our team to know at what level each child is at, which topics they are good in, and which topics they have difficulty in. Once we have built a groundwork to cover the areas of difficulty, we will then move the child to more challenging work to develop their independent learning skills.

Our team at Cool School have come together to develop maths books and worksheets suitable for each year group. The topics covered in these books relate to the areas provided by the national curriculum.

Through the study of these work-sheet based books, students develop the confidence and understanding for mental maths and will be able to apply a range of skills when faced with a new challenge.

At Cool School our tutors place great importance on a child’s understanding of how a calculation works, therefore we utilise many methods which maximises the child’s ability to make a selection depending on the most efficient and understanding approach.

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