A Flash based illustrated and animated map I created at Uni in Flash.

Adobe Flash, eventhough it is being outdated can be used to create some fun projects with ease. Even with the compatibilty issues with IPhone/IPad still present, Flash is a great piece of software and you can even remove the presence of Flash elements completely with the use of css.

Therefore I decided to make this interactive panoramic map of a seaside reort I lived in a few years(Vendays-Montalivet, France). I drew the draft from theory and painted it in watercolors.

I then added the hover effect and links in Photoshop and added the new images to the Flash timeline. I then linked them to panoramic photos taken with a digital camera. They were put together using PT Gui, a photo stitching program. You will need Quicktime installed to view them.

It is a shame I couldn’t get the sky and the ground in there too.

A Flash based illustrated and animated map by Archibald Butler

Download the 2005 Flash Interactive Map

Illustration, Development and coding skills

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